Citizens Against Rail Expansion in Florida: Call to Action before Feb 9 Martin Commission meeting


CARE FL, a coalition of South Fl/Treasure Coast leaders/residents that are concerned about safety and opposed to All Aboard Florida’s risky, high-speed passenger rail project, needs your help as soon as possible. 

It is imperative that each concerned citizen sends an email to the Martin County Board of Commissioners, expressing your support for additional funding to fight the All Aboard Florida  project.

Decisions will be made on additional funding to protect residents.

It is very important that each one of our county commissioners know that you stand with them and support them in protecting the safety, waterways, property values and the quality of life of the citizens who will be adversely affected by this project.

Please share this post with your fellow concerned citizens, family and neighbors.

Martin County Commissioners

John Haddox –
Anne Scott –
Sarah Heard –
Ed Fielding –
Doug Smith –

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