Citizens Against Rail Expansion in FL re EIS draft released by Federal Railroad Administration

 “The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) draft released by the Federal Railroad Administration is only being conducted because All Aboard Florida (AAF) wants a federal loan – in the amount of $1.6 billion to $1.8 billion – to subsidize its “private” project, all at the expense and financial pain of federal taxpayers.  We will be reading the EIS with this in mind, and we encourage other interested parties to do the same.

 “In addition to the economic red flags inherent in the project, the EIS provides an opportunity for CARE FL and other concerned citizens to comment on the profound safety and environmental issues AAF poses, along with its lack of any discernible benefit to our local communities.”


From Citizens Against Railway Expansion in Florida:

CARE FL is a coalition created by a group of concerned community leaders, organizations and neighbors in South Florida and the Treasure Coast. Our group continues to grow. We share a common goal: Protecting the safety, welfare and way of life for the families, businesses and retirees who live in and around our communities.

Our ultimate objective: Halting rail expansion.

Why oppose the currently proposed rail expansion?

Because we believe, based on facts and a commonsense understanding of the reality of life with trains – and waterways, causeways, draw bridges and other infrastructures that define day-to-day life in South Florida — that continued rail expansion will have a significant and negative impact on our communities. When we refer to “our communities” we mean that expansively – more than 10 million people live in and around the areas currently targeted for rail expansion.

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