Celine Dion: Rene hopes to ‘die in my arms’

Rene Angélil and Celine Dion, November 22, 2012. (Source: USA Today)


From USA Today: [Jupiter Island homeowner] Celine Dion met Rene Angélil when she was 12, and he later became her manager and, in 1994, her husband. He is now battling for his life. After a series of procedures in Boston hospitals, he is now living at the family’s Las Vegas home. He has been fed intravenously for two years, Dion says.

The past months have been filled with many emotional conversations between Dion and the man she calls “the only boyfriend I’ve ever had.”

For the complete story: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2015/03/24/celine-dion-husband-emotional-feeding-tube/70390662/

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