Celine Dion convinces husband to make his film debut

Rachelle Lefevre, Rene Angelil at press junket for film Omerta June 18. (Gazette photo by Allen McInnis)

The Gazette continues:  They convinced Céline first. They said he’s perfect for the role, they said we need someone who can command respect. When I came in, I had the three of them telling me it would be a good thing. Then Céline gave me the punchline. She said: ‘You know you’ve done a lot of things in this business. You were a singer, a member of a group, a producer, a director, a manager. And you’re not getting any younger. So this is probably you’re last chance to be in a movie. And you’re with great people, so you should do that.’ So that was the clincher. And she was right.

For the complete article: http://blogs.montrealgazette.com/2012/06/18/rene-angelil-says-it-was-celine-dion-who-convinced-him-to-star-in-omerta/

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