Carl Hiaasen: ‘Who’s the real animal? The shark abuser’

    A viral video of a shark being dragged behind a boat has drawn the attention of Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission investigators. The video was shared by local fisherman Mark “The Shark” Quartiano on his Instagram account after Quartiano was alerted to its existence by a concerned party. marktheshark via Instagram

From Carl Hiaasen in The Miami Herald: The group of cackling sadists that dragged a live shark at high speed behind a boat — and then shared the video — might soon be seeing their own police mug shots all over social media.

It would be the least of their problems.

Florida wildlife officials say they’ve identified the men, but haven’t released the names pending further investigation.

But lots of people immediately recognized these knuckle-draggers, since they didn’t bother to hide their giddy faces.

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