Carl Hiaasen: Enjoy your vacation on Playa Guacamole

Renowned author and columnist Carl Hiaasen: “Treasure Coast water pollution produces an ecological nightmare. Cleaning the dirty water does not seem to be a priority for Gov. Rick Scott, he has consistently weakened laws designed to stop pollution.” (Source: The Miami Herald)

From Carl Hiaasen in The Miami Herald:  Hardest hit is Martin County, on the Treasure Coast, where scummy Lake O water has poured into the saltwater estuary from the St. Lucie River.

Gov. Rick Scott has reacted with unwavering impotence, declaring one state of emergency after another while blaming the federal government for failing to upgrade the dike surrounding the lake so that more dirty water can be retained.

He’ll be running for the Senate in two years and desperately wants not to be tagged as Governor Algae. 

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