‘Captives in our own parks’ as Martin Commission chair loses temper on dais

The Palm Beach Post’s Sally Swartz outlines the facts in her blog:

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board recently added a dozen new members. Some have ties to the growth industry, such as Nancy Reily, wife of Pitchford’s Landing developer Bill Reily and a party to his Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP) suit against Jensen Beach residents. Other at-large board members include three landscape firm employes, two boat captains and parents of Little Leaguers and competitive swimmers. The 21 members also include representatives from Martin schools, the sheriff’s department, the Community Redevelopment Agency and Marine Industries Association.”

To read the entire article: http://blogs.palmbeachpost.com/opinionzone/2011/11/10/will-martin-pool-parks-hold-captive-ad-audience/

To view the Parks and Recreation Marketing Plan: http://ap3server.martin.fl.us:7778/documents2010/Agenda_Items/prd/2012/8A1-2011-11-08%20Marketing%20Plan%202012.pdf


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