BREAKING: A1A lighting proposal defeated



Dr. Hilarie Davis of The Hutchinson Island Preservation Initiative


From Dr. Hilarie Davis of The Hutchinson Island Preservation Initiative: Due to the overwhelming public opposition and the lack of support from Florida Fish and Wildlife and the FL Dept of Transportation, the lights are off the table by unanimous vote from the Planning board this morning. 

A lighting project can be brought back but it would be whole new project and would not be considered until Year 5 of this current funding period which is starting now. 
The west side sidewalk completion project will go ahead and crosswalks will be added for safety reasons. I gather they will be where there are residences on the river side but they didn’t say.
We had 35 people speak for and 3 people who spoke against it. There were another 35-40 who opposed it there for moral support. 
You would have been proud of the people who spoke. Some were factual about wildlife, ordinances, lumens, history of non-communication of residents. Others were impassioned or angry but still fact-based and respectful.

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