‘Incredible’ waves threaten beaches: National Weather Service Flood and High Surf Advisories


(Photo: WPTV)

From WPTV:  “Incredible high waves which has shown that it’s coming over the dunes,” said County Coastal Engineer Kathy Fitzpatrick.

She says these waves can cause erosion, but it’s really too soon to tell.

The good news is thousands of dollars have been spent on reinforcing Bathtub Beach.

For the complete story: https://www.wptv.com/news/region-martin-county/big-waves-a-threat-to-beaches

From The National Weather Service:

... Coastal flood advisory remains in effect until 4 am EST
... High surf advisory remains in effect until 4 am EST

* coastal flooding... wave runup to the dune line will occur over
  the next several high tide cycles, and some breaching of the
  dunes is possible in areas normally vulnerable to coastal 
  flooding such as bathtub beach in Martin County, Saint Lucie 
  inlet preserve State Park, and also where beaches and dunes 
  remain in a weakened condition. 

* Waves and surf... large long period swells, up to 14 feet
  offshore tonight will lead to dangerous surf conditions along
  the beaches of east central Florida. Large and pounding surf is
  expected with breaking waves up to 10 feet through Tuesday.
  Also, there will be a high risk for strong rip currents. 

* Timing... through early Wednesday morning. Listed below are the 
  approximate times of the next several high tides along the 
  east central Florida coast: 

 between 1030 and 1130 PM tonight.

 Tuesday between 1030 and 1130 am and between 11 PM and  

* Impacts... large breaking waves near the times of high tide 
  will lead to the potential for runup to the dune line, as well 
  as significant beach erosion early this week. There is also 
  the potential for some weakened dunes to be overwashed. 

Precautionary/preparedness actions... 

A high surf advisory means that high surf will affect beaches in
the advisory area... producing localized moderate beach erosion
and dangerous swimming conditions. There is a high risk of
numerous strong rip currents.

A coastal flood advisory indicates that onshore winds and tides 
will combine to generate flooding of low areas along the shore.

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