Beware of Microsoft Windows phone scammers now calling Martin County


Many Martin County residents have received scam phone calls that begin with a caller identifying himself as  a “Microsoft Certified Technician” with “Windows Support Department.”

He says:

– their server is receiving error and warning messages from your computer

– you must act immediately to correct the problem

– if action is not taken your computer will lose all functionality and crash

– the warranty on your Windows operating system has expired and must be reinstated immediately

– a number of programs/functions already have been canceled by Windows

The “technician” then advises that he will need about an hour to fix all the problems, after which a supervisor will call back to verify the service has been completed.

Prices range from $149 for a one-year package to $349 for four years.

These scammers will access and invade your computer and your personal files.

How to protect yourself? Link to information from Microsoft –

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