ATTENTION PLEASE: Contact BOCC immediately on these two items

The Consent Agenda for Tuesday’s BOCC meeting contains two items worth public discussion:

Agenda Item 4B1 seeks BOCC approval of a $6,421,420.00 contract for dredging the St. Lucie Inlet.

Of course, the St. Lucie Inlet dredging issue has been publicly discussed over a period of many months.  However, when it comes to awarding the contract to spend nearly 6-and-a-half million dollars on a dredging contract, the County Administrator has decided that no public discussion is needed.

Is everyone clear on where this money is coming from?

Agenda Item 4C2 seeks BOCC approval of the St. Lucie Inlet Advisory Committee.  The committee consists of 13 voting members representing the BOCC, Town of Sewall’s Point, Town of Jupiter Island, City of Port St. Lucie, and organizations like FIND, the Oceanographic Society, Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge, DEP and the Marine Industries Council.  I’m not sure why the Sailfish Point Property Owners Association and the “Hutchinson Island Group” were included while the City of Stuart and the Port Salerno commercial fishermen’s organization were excluded.

The Strategic Goals that will be discussed under Agenda Item 8A2 contain some shocking costs for Martin County taxpayers —

$600,000 to “study” the cost of urban sprawl and to develop a “planning vision” for the rural western lands.


Isn’t that about the same amount we spent just a few years ago on the disastrous Glatting-Jackson study?

Goal IV contains more than $175,000 in projected costs for various studies related to economic development and tourism despite the fact that we are already paying the Business Development Board, Tourism and Sports and Arts/Cultural commissions more than $800,000 a year to do exactly the same things . . .

Finally, Agenda Item 9A is a discussion of “sanctions” awarded by the First District Court of Appeal against the Martin County Conservation Alliance and 1000 Friends of Florida, requiring the organizations to pay attorneys’ fees and costs of the County and developer intervenors in the Valliere Amendment court challenge appeal (the state Department of Community Affairs waived any claim for fees).  These sanctions will have a chilling affect on citizens and conservation organizations who work to preserve and protect our comprehensive plans and ordinances that protect our quality of life.

The BOCC can — and should — instruct the County Attorney to waive any claim for payment.  The County should not be seeking to penalize citizens for exercising their right to challenge legislative and land use decisions that affect us all.

Please let your commissioners know how you feel about any or all of these matters.  You can review the agenda at the County website — — to see if there are other items of interest to you (zoning approvals for several Jensen Beach projects are up for discussion).

Contact commissioners at:,,,,

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