As the legislative session begins, here are top bills to watch in Tallahassee


The Capitol Building, Tallahassee


As the 2017 Florida Legislature session begins, click the Bill No. link to access specific bill status, committees to hear the bill, staff analysis on the bill and more.


Bill No. Bill Description
HB 131 Removes mandatory retention of 3rd graders based on ELA assessment
SB 376 Charter School Funding; Authorizes school board to levy amounts for charter schools with requirements for funding. Prohibits charter schools from being eligible for funding allocation and addresses personal financial enrichment
SB 604 Education Funding; Authorizes school boards to levy specified amounts for charter schools; Providing that charter school capital outlay funding consists of shared local capital outlay and state funding as provided in the General Appropriations Act; Prohibits a charter school from being eligible for a funding allocation under certain circumstances
SB 436 Religious Expression in Public Schools; Prohibits school districts from discriminating against students, parents and school personnel on basis of religious viewpoints or expression; Requires school district to adopt limited public forum policy and deliver disclaimer at school events
SB 808 Maximum Class Size; Revises calculation for school district’s classes sizes to school average when maximum class size requirements are not met
SB 796 Charter Schools; Creates charter district and imposes a high-impact charter organization focused on low-income areas. Charter schools do not necessarily improve achievement in low-income areas.
SB 926 K-12 Student Assessments; Requires Commissioner of Education to review specified college entrance exams to determine alignment with certain core curricular content in state standards; Revises provisions relating to K-12 student assessment
SB 964 Education Accountability; Requires an application and charter for a high school charter to require administration of a specified assessment for graduation purposes; Revises requirements for a standard high school diploma
SB 1394 Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability; Requires a study of the district cost differential for each school district and provide recommendations. This will benefit smaller counties
SB 696 Charter Schools; Requires sponsor to honor instruction by a charter school to deposit funds; Providing charter school that pledges or assigns future payment of its funding is not pledging the credit or taxing power of the state or school district
SB 360 Middle School Study; Requires DOE to conduct a comprehensive study of state with nationally recognized high-performing middle schools in reading and mathematics



HJR 1/SJR 482 Judicial Term Limits of 12 consecutive years. Applicable to Supreme Court Justices and District Court judges
HJR 51/SJR 270 Restoration of Civil Rights; Joint Resolution to amend the constitution to suspend or remit certain fines and forfeitures. Civil rights are restored and punishments may be commuted.
HB 53/SB 270 Restoration of Civil Rights; Automatically restores former felon’s civil rights
SJR 74  Restoration of Certain Felons’ Rights to Vote and Hold Office; Proposes amendment to the State Constitution to restore right to vote and hold office upon completion of sentence
HB 121/SB 1098 Legislative Review of Judicial Ruling Declaring a Legislative Act Void; Creates a section in the State Constitution to provide for legislative review of judicial ruling declaring a legislative act void
SB 352/HB 953 Legislative Redistricting and Congressional Reapportionment
HB 41/SB 774 Legislative Redistricting and Congressional Reapportionment; Creates an independent commission responsible for public hearings and prohibits lobbying
HJR 321/SJR 866 Increase Percentage of Electoral Votes Required to Approve Constitutional Amendment or Revision; Increases from 60% to 66.6%
 SB 544 Vote-by-mail ballots; Requires a Supervisor of Elections to allow submission of an affidavit to cure signature discrepancies on a VBM
HB 105 Vote-by-mail ballots; Requires a Supervisor of Elections to notify each elector whose VBM ballot was rejected as illegal and requires Supervisors to make good faith effort to notify elector within a time frame
SB 1070/HB 707 Requires the Secretary of State to enter into certain agreements with other states to maintain the statewide voter registration system
SB 954 Canvassing of Vote-by-mail Ballots; Authorizing use of the vote-by-mail ballot cure affidavit if an elector’s signature does not match the signature in the registration books or precinct register; requiring the supervisor of elections to immediately notify an elector upon receipt of a vote-by-mail ballot with a missing or mismatched signature; specifying that a Florida driver license or Florida identification card are acceptable forms of identification for purposes of curing a vote-by-mail ballot, etc.
SB 1072/HB 709 Public Records/Voter Registration Information; Specifies that certain voter registration information and data from another state obtained by the Secretary of State, which is confidential under the laws of such state, is confidential and exempt from public records requirements; Exempts pre-registered voters of 16 or 17 years of age from having their voter registration information as public
SB 934 Restoration of Civil Rights; Citing this act as the “Restoration of Civil Rights Act”; providing for automatic restoration of a former felon’s civil rights, other than the right to own, possess, or use firearms, after completion of his or her sentence of incarceration and conditions of supervision; requiring the Secretary of State to develop and implement a program to educate the public about the civil rights of people who have felony convictions, etc. Effective Date: On the effective date of SJR 270 or another amendment to the State Constitution which authorizes, or removes impediments to, enactment of this act by the Legislature
HJR 7001 State Officers Post-Service Personal Representation Prohibitions; Proposes a constitutional amendment to prohibit legislators and statewide elected officers from personally representing another person or entity for compensation before any state government body for six years following vacation of office.
HB 7003 State Officer Post-Service Lobbying Prohibitions; Prohibits legislators and statewide elected officers from personally representing another person or entity for compensation before any state government body or state agency other than judicial tribunals; Removes prohibition on former legislators from acting as lobbyists before an executive branch agency following vacation of office
HB 7021 Local Government Ethics Reform; Requires all Florida municipal elected officials and those from special districts to complete ethics training; If municipality has a revenue of more than $5 million, they must file a full and public disclosure of their financial interest in lieu of less detailed form of disclosure; Requires local officers to abstain from voting if they have a conflict of interest and requires them to disclose the conflict prior to participating; Requires local government lobbyists to register with the Commission on Ethics



SB 128/HB 245 Self-Defense Immunity; Places the burden of proof on the state
HB 167/SB 254 Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazines; Bans the sale or transfer of assault weapons or large capacity ammunition magazines
SB 610/HB 819 Firearms; Requires a business, organization or entity that prohibits a concealed weapon or firearm licensee from carrying a weapon or firearm onto its property to assume certain responsibility for the safety and defense of such licensee
SB 616 Authorizing a concealed weapons or concealed firearms licensee to temporarily surrender a weapon or firearm if the licensee approaches courthouse security or management personnel upon arrival
SB 618/HB 6001  Concealed Weapons and Firearms; Permits airport carry
SB 622 Concealed Weapons and Firearms; Prohibits a concealed weapons or concealed firearms licensee from carrying a concealed weapon or firearm into any athletic event for a K-12 school, college or university not related to firearms; Deletes exception authorizing student, employee or faculty licensee to carry specified nonlethal weapons
SB 626 Concealed Weapons and Firearms; Authorizes a concealed weapons or concealed firearms licensee to carry a concealed weapon or firearm into a ny meeting of the governing body of a county, public school district, municipality or special district
SB 644  Openly Carrying a Handgun; Authorizes open carry
SB 646 Weapons And Firearms; Providing that a person licensed to carry a concealed weapon or firearm who is lawfully carrying a firearm does not violate certain provisions if the firearm is temporarily and openly displayed; authorizing each member of the Florida Cabinet to carry a concealed weapon or firearm if he or she is licensed to carry a concealed weapon or firearm and does not have full-time security provided by the Department of Law Enforcement, etc.
 HB 677/ SB 1052 Justifiable Use of Force; Specifies person who is attacked or threatened with use of force in dwelling, residence or vehicle in which person has right to be has no duty to retreat and has right to stand their group by using or threatening to use force upon reasonable belief of necessity to prevent imminent death, great bodily harm or forcible felony
 HB 803/ SB 908  Licenses to concealed carry weapons or firearms; permits concealed carry everywhere
 HB 809/ SB 1196  Firearm Purchases; Requires FDLE to include questions concerning potential firearm buyer’s criminal history or other information relating to a person’s eligibility to make purchase on stand form for potential buyers
 HB 835/ SB 142  Relating to Safe Storage of Loaded Firearms; Revises locations and circumstances in which loaded firearm is required to be kept or secured with trigger lock; Removes provisions relating to conditions for committing crime of failing to safely store, leave or secure loaded firearm in specified manner
HB 849/ SB 1330  Weapons and Firearms; Revises provisions prohibiting possession and discharge or weapons or firearms on school property or during school-sanctioned activities
HB 957/ SB 648 Weapons and Firearms; Increases penalties for person who exhibits weapons in certain way in presence of one or more person on or near school; Increases penalties for person who stores or leaves loaded firearm within reach of minor who commits specified violations; Increases penalties for person who discharges weapon or firearm in violation of specified provision or fails to store or leave firearm in specified manner
HB 1103/ HB 1506  Domestic Violence; Prohibits persons subject to temporary injunctions against specified forms of violence from possessing firearms or ammunition; Requires law enforcement officer to take temporary custody of firearms at scene of domestic violence, stalking or cyberstalking, or repeat violence, dating violence, specifies that texting violates protective order
HB 1113/ SB 1334  Sale and delivery of firearms; requires parties, if neither party to firearm transaction is licensed dealer, to complete transaction through licensed dealer; expands background checks
SB 1248/ HB 6013 Breach of Peace; Deletes provisions that provide criminal penalties for certain conduct constituting a breach of the peace
 SB 1332/ HB 171  Firearm Violence Awareness Month; Urges Congress to designate September 2017 as “Firearm Violence Awareness Month”
HB 6039  Licenses to Concealed Carry Weapon or Firearm; Deletes provisions prohibiting concealed carry licensees from openly carrying handgun or carrying concealed weapon or firearm into specified public meetings or into career centers



HB 19/ SB 1140 Termination of Pregnancies; Allows patients to sue providers for “emotional distress” up to four years post-procedure. Perpetuates rhetoric that women regret abortions.
SB 348/ HB 203 Termination of Pregnancies; “Florida Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act”; Prohibits attempt or performance or induce of abortion in certain circumstances



SB 10 Water Resources; Uses Florida Forever funds for Water Management district when they receive funding
HB 17 Local Regulation Preemption; Prohibits local governments from imposing or adoption certain regulations on businesses, professions & occupations
HB 35 Well Stimulation; Prohibits well stimulation treatments for exploration or production of oil or natural gas
SB 90 Renewable Energy Source Devices; Prohibits consideration of just value of property attributable to a renewable energy source device to determine value of any real property; Exempts renewable energy source device from TPP
SB 98 Well Stimulation; Stop Fracking Act; Prohibits persons from engaging in extreme well stimulation
SB 108 Well Stimulation; Establish public policy against types of well stimulation to protect the state’s water resources and prohibit extreme well stimulation
SB 112/ HB 613 Flood Hazard Mitigation; Uses Amendment 1 funds for Flood Hazard
SB 198/ HB 861 Environmental Regulation Commission; Requires Governor to make appointments to Commission within a certain time frame
SB 198/ HB 861 Environmental Regulation Commission; Requires Governor to make appointments to Commission within a certain time frame
SB 230/ HB 587 Nonnative Animals; Directs FWCC with DEP to establish a pilot program for eradication of specific species
SB 442/ HB 451 Advanced Well Stimulation Treatment; Prohibits performance of advanced well stimulation treatments; clarifies that permits for drilling or operating wells does not authorize performance of advanced well treatments
SB 456 Public Utilities;  Exempts certain producers of renewable solar-based energy from being defined as a public utility
SB 1304/ HB 491 Florida Black Bears; Requires FWCC, DACS & DEP to coordinate certain duties and responsibilities to protect Florida black bears and to preserve their habitat; Establishes Bear-Resistant Garbage Container Account within the Nongame Wildlife Trust Fund to aid local governments in purchasing the containers: Prohibits certain activities in bear habitats
 HB 663/ SB 1082 Implementation of Water and Land Conservation Constitutional Amendment; Requires minimum specified percentage of funds within Land Acquisition Trust Fund to be appropriated to DEP for specified water supply, water restoration and water resource development projects; Requires distribution to be reduced by amount equal to debt service paid on certain bonds; Uses 12.5% of Land Acquisition Trust Fund for Water Supply
HB 751/ SB 1378 Stormwater Management; Requires local governments to adopt specified management practices and measures; Provides that such practices and measure comply with certain water quality standards
SB 816 Central & Southern Florida Project for Flood Control and Other Purposes; Directs SFWMD to control discharges from Lake Okeechobee and take leadership in rehabilitation of Herbert Hoover Dike; Uses Land Acquisition Trust Fund to reinforce Hoover Dike
HB 847/ SB 234 Implementation of Water and Land Conservation Constitutional Amendment; Requires specified funds with Land Acquisition Trust Fund appropriation for restoration projects related to St. Johns Rivers and tributaries or Keystone Lake Region; Authorizes funds for certain land management and acquisition
 SB 982/ HB 1033  Implementation of Water and Land Conservation Constitutional Amendment; Requires a specific appropriation for certain projects related to the Indian River Lagoon system; Requires the distribution to be reduced by an amount equal to the debt service paid on certain bonds
 SB 996/ HB 997  Administrative Proceedings; Requires award of attorney fees and costs to prevailing party in specified administrative proceedings; Requiring an administrative law judge to conduct a hearing and issue final order on application


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