Are you prepared? Receive severe weather warnings from Martin’s Emergency Center




The National Weather Office at Melbourne is indicating a strong, and perhaps historic, El Niño this winter and upcoming spring. Past strong El Niño events have been correlated with well above normal seasonal storminess across the Florida Peninsula during winter and spring months. This relationship is mainly due to a southward shift in the position of the jet stream over North America.

An enhanced risk of severe weather is expected, bringing increased chances for strong-to-violent tornadoes and tornado outbreaks. Much wetter than normal conditions are also favored, with increased chances for episodes of heavy rain and river flooding.

Schools, businesses, and citizens are strongly encouraged to review their tornado safety plans, confirm their ability to receive weather alerts by NOAA Weather Radio, and practice moving quickly to the safest location within their home or business. The best location to shelter is often on the lowest floor of the building, in a small interior room far from windows, such as an interior closet or bathroom.

Have you registered your phones with Martin County’s mass notification system, CodeRED? If not, visit the website at, click on services, then public safety, then on CodeRed. You can sign up to receive weather alerts on your cell phone!

For more information visit the Melbourne Weather Office website at or the Martin County website at or you can call Emergency Management at 772-287-1652.

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