Any registered voter in Martin County may Vote by Mail (NO REASON REQUIRED) for 8/29 election

Will you Vote by Mail in Martin County’s August 29 special election? 

Check your status with the Supervisor of Elections if you expect a Vote by Mail ballot for the August 29 special election in Martin County.

Make sure that your previous request for a Vote by Mail ballot has not expired with the 2016 election.

Your request must be renewed every four years. It takes only three minutes of your time to update your status. The number is  (772) 288-5637 

Vote by Mail ballots are currently available and now in the mail.  

Call (772) 288-5637 or the election supervisor’s website at (the main page has a link to vote by mail ballots) — apply or check why you have not received yours.

If you prefer voting on election day, go to your precinct. Find your precinct at




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