Controlling airport expansion at Martin County’s Witham Field

Flight path near YMCA athletic fields in the center of Stuart.


From community airport watchdog David Shore: The following article from The East Hampton Press should be of interest to those that want to control expansion at Witham Field. Please pay particular attention to how the town of East Hampton has generated funding for their airport. Every funding source they used is available to Martin County’s Witham Field.

“As of January 1, East Hampton Town will be free of Federal Aviation Administration oversight and able to set access restrictions at the East Hampton Airport, essentially opening the door for relief from often loud, and sometimes rattling, aircraft noise.

“In 2001, the town accepted its last grant from the FAA; doing so obligated the town to follow FAA guidelines and restrictions for the next 20 years. In 2005, however, the FAA and the Committee To Stop Airport Expansion, while involved in litigation, reached a compromise settlement stipulating that four FAA grant assurances would expire at the end of 2014, thereby freeing the airport from certain access restrictions, unless the town were to accept new grants from the FAA.

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