Action alert: Tell Martin commissioners to vote NO to compromising urban boundary

Despite assurances made to residents at a town meeting, Commissioners like Hayes are now saying they support this proposal.

Staff recommended denial.  Maggy Hurchalla’s analysis (see 3.24.12 Martin County Times post) and Joan Bausch (below) recommend denial.

Send your comments to the Commissioners now – vote is April 17.,,,,

Letter from Joan Bausch Sent: Apr 5, 2012 3:10 PM


I hope I don’t have to list ALL the reasons this amendment would be WRONG for Martin County. But I will list a few of the most important that come to mind:

1. It is way outside the Urban Boundary and as such will not have access to water & sewer. As you are all aware package plants DO NOT work well over time.

2. There are several cypress domes in that vicinity that are visible from the highway. These need to be preserved, not paved over, or allowed to degrade because of nearby development. (Unless they are not “delineated” and these people can do with them as they wish!???)

3. A boost to tourism does not need to be made at the expense of our natural environment. Instead have the tourism people work with a group such as the Martin County Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society which regularly brings members and interested others to visit our exceptional native plant communities county wide, for free.

4. I could not believe my ears that the LPA was NOT following the Comp Plan rules, but trying to legislate, usurping the Board’s power…. and that your staff person said they did not have to deny as he himself was required to do. How can county residents rely on a solid comp plan when your hand picked appointees do not follow the Comp Plan but leave a door open for mischief at the next BCC meeting?

5. There are many many businesses inside the urban boundary playing within the rules that will suffer from your catering to such an operation. I find it hard to imagine that you would turn your back on these hard working people.

 Hope you will send these people packing in no uncertain terms! (No “not at this time” type of rhetoric!)

Joan Bausch, Sewall’s Point

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