ACTION ALERT: Petition Rep. Murphy now to oppose a customs facility at Stuart’s Witham Field


President David Shore and Board of Directors of the Witham Airport Action Majority (WAAM) lead a coalition of concerned citizens, 100% volunteer, dedicated to keeping Witham Field a community-friendly general aviation airport.

Regarding the construction and ongoing maintenance costs of a customs facility to Martin County, Shore has said, “The Witham Airport customs issue will cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars to move forward on building a customs facility at Witham Field.

“A customs facility will have little or no financial benefit to our community (it only enhances the profits of our local Fixed Base Operators (FBO’s) while at the same time, it increases air traffic at our airport.

“The public must understand that increasing traffic at the airport provides little to no financial benefit to our community – but it does increase noise and pollution while negatively impacting our lives and property values.

“Decreased property values for communities within a 5 mile radius of the airport can be substantial. Many residents are not aware that a 5 mile radius includes the City of Stuart, Palm City, the Town of Sewall’s Point and Jensen Beach. As traffic increases at the airport, the 5 mile radius increases so if you are not bothered by the airport now, you can expect that to change in the future if the airport continues to grow.”

Click on the link below to let Congressman Murphy know that you oppose a customs facility at Witham Field. Please join this campaign:

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