A coalition of concerned citizens, 100% volunteer: Witham Airport Action Majority informs on issues, endorses candidates

David Shore, President, Witham Airport Action Majority

David Shore, President of the Witham Airport Action Majority (WAAM), and its Board of Directors (Greg Melendez, Vice President; Doedy Summers, Treasurer; Ellie Bills, Secretary; and, Alan Basney,  Don Bills, Linda Hannah, Val Martin, Grant Rawding, Carol Spera, Ivar Wold) decided to forego their annual meeting this year and devote their time and resources to the three candidates running in County Commission races who support efforts to control growth at Witham Field.

Shore asks and answers: Why have airport interests and “their” 3 commissioners been so busy? Easy answer. Over that past 10 years I have predicted these airport projects were steps to bring commercial service to our airport. These projects reaffirm that commercial operations both passenger and freight are not far away. If not for the severe recession, we would have already seen these predicted commercial operations at Witham Field. Make no mistake, the only reason the FAA, FDOT and Martin County have spent in the neighborhood of $50 million dollars over the past 10 years for airport expansion with more to come, is their desire for commercial service including flight schools, passenger service and freight. Those of you that live near the airport have seen a marked increase in both curfew violations and failures to follow prescribed arrival/departure routes designed to keep arriving and departing aircraft away from populated residential areas. We are disappointed to see these violations on the increase and will work with newly elected commissioners to see that they stop. Areas particularly impacted include Palm City, Sewall’s Point, Jensen Beach and the City of Stuart.

Adds Shore: For the first time in twelve years, the residents of Martin County finally have the opportunity to elect a majority to the Martin County Commission that will truly represent our interests. The airport being our top concern. The current majority commission have time and time again voted for airport growth to the detriment of our residents. There is only one solution — elect commissioners who care about your quality of life vs. commissioners who vote for the pocketbooks of their corporate and developer cronies.

Many folks are not aware that all voters can vote by absentee ballot for any reason. All you need to do is phone the Supervisor of Elections office (772) 288-5637 and ask for a Vote-by-Mail ballot application for the primary and general election to be sent to you at any address, here or up north. Fill in the form and return it. A ballot will be mailed to you about 30 days before the election. Fill it in and mail it back before the election date.

Shore continues: WAAM Strongly Supports the Following Candidates for County Commission:

District 1 Tom Fullman – Tom Fullman has been a long time strong supporter of WAAM and our Comp. Plan. Please visit Dr. Fullman’s website and pay particular attention to his “contract” with Martin County. www.fullman2012.com

District 3 Anne Scott – Anne Scott has been a Jupiter Island town commissioner for over 6 years. Mrs. Scott met with the WAAM board a few months ago and we found her to be well informed with fresh ideas on controlling growth at Witham Field. She is a strong supporter of our Comp. Plan. She will make an outstanding commissioner for Martin County. Please visit Mrs. Scott’s website for details. www.annescott2012.com

District 5 John Haddox – John Haddox has a long history of public service. John has served as Director of Martin County Veteran Services for over 12 years. He strongly supports our Comp. Plan and his views on airport growth leaves no doubt that he will fully support WAAM’s goals of ensuring that Witham Field remains a Community Friendly General Aviation Airport. A visit to Mr. Haddox’s website will provide details on his position on the issues facing Martin County. www.haddox12.com

The most recent WAAM newsletter also includes this information: All the airport issues remain with a few new ones to boot. The approval of an unneeded Customs Facility, Curfews, Scheduled Service Home Buyouts, Runway Safety Zone Violations, Sweetheart Leases and Runway Departure Routes not being followed. These are only a few of the reasons why we need a majority on the County Commission. We have fought for over 12 years to no avail – the answer has always been a Majority Commission supporting our efforts.

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1 comment to A coalition of concerned citizens, 100% volunteer: Witham Airport Action Majority informs on issues, endorses candidates

  • jackiet

    Obviously WAAM is not concerned ENOUGH and are still supporting Fullman who cannot win in District 1….it is just too bad that we can’t all work together in District 1 to get rid of Smith….a really GREAT FRIEND of the airport business community and certainly seems in favor of airport expansion.
    I find it sad, disheartening and unacceptable….even so, I will continue my support of WAAM and what they believe in vis a vis the airport issue.