62-year-old man arrested for video voyeurism at Blake Library


Danny Wayne Buckley (Source: Stuart Police)

Stuart Police investigated a complaint from a 13-year-old male, who reported that he was in a public restroom at the Blake Library in Stuart.

While in the bathroom stall, the 13-year-old heard a male making sounds in the stall beside him and he looked down, noticing a cellular phone propped up against the male’s tennis shoe.

The 13-year-old finished using the bathroom and was washing his hands, when he heard a “ding sound”, similar to a cellular phone making videos.

Worried that he had been recorded, the juvenile contacted 911.

The male exited the restroom as officers arrived and the juvenile identified him to them.

Officers made contact with the male and consent was obtained to search the cellular phone.

Stuart Police Detectives found evidence during the investigation that supported the juveniles statements.

Danny Wayne Buckley, 62 years old of Stuart, was arrested for Video Voyeurism & Tampering with Evidence.

Buckley was transported to the Martin County Jail and will be held on no bond.

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